To get PrEP, you usually need to see a doctor, go to a lab for tests, and pick up your meds at a pharmacy. PrEPTECH changes all that!

What is the PrEPTECH Study?

We already know that PrEP works – this medication-based approach is a great way to prevent HIV — but we want to see if an online program makes it easier for people to start PrEP and remember to take their medication daily.

We are currently looking for young gay or bi men (cis means not trans) and trans women in California or Florida who aren't already on PrEP to join our PrEPTECH study. This is a randomized study, meaning participants will be split into two groups, purely based on chance. One group will receive access to PrEPTECH. The other won't.

Everyone who participates in the study will be asked to complete 3 surveys and be compensated per survey – up to $150 total.

If you are assigned to the PrEPTECH group

You will receive:

  • Free at-home lab testing to check that PrEP is right for you.
  • Free consultation with our study doctor online or over the phone.
  • Free PrEP medication for 30 days sent directly to the address you choose. If you are under 18 or a trans woman, you'll get free PrEP for the entire 6-month study period.

Our study coordinator will help you figure out how to pay for PrEP once your free supply runs out. Our website will also help you manage your health while in the study by reminding you to take your PrEP.

If you aren't assigned to the PrEPTECH group

You will receive access to a list of online resources. So you will be to access PrEP on your own, but you won't receive direct help getting it.

If you're thinking about starting PrEP, but it seems complicated and time-consuming, then PrEPTECH may be right for you.

Study FAQs